Explore the transformation of conventional road design as RT20 Soil Stabilizer takes center stage in the C5 Extension project. Redefining the way we construct roads, this initiative boasts an 8-inch asphalt pavement, a 200mm THK base course, and a 200mm THK sub-base course – all anchored on a rock-solid subgrade with an impressive 95% compaction rate.

The C5 Extension project is a symbol of innovation, where RT20 Soil Stabilizer plays a pivotal role in enhancing the road’s strength and longevity. With an emphasis on a robust 8-inch asphalt pavement, this project sets new standards in road construction, promising durability in the face of diverse traffic conditions.

RT20 contributes to the project’s success through the 200mm THK base course, reinforcing stability and load-bearing capacity. This strategic application not only minimizes maintenance requirements but also emphasizes the sustainability of the entire infrastructure.

Beneath the surface, the 200mm THK sub-base course, treated with RT20, further fortifies the road against environmental forces. The project’s rock-solid subgrade, achieved with a remarkable 95% compaction rate, showcases RT20’s adaptability and versatility in different construction environments.

As the C5 Extension project unfolds, it reveals a legacy of excellence in road construction. RT20 Polymer Soil Stabilizer, with its innovative capabilities, pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. This project epitomizes Topps Product Phils., Inc.’s commitment to delivering enduring infrastructure solutions.