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Sole Distributor of RT20 Polymer Based Soil Stabilizer in the Philippines

Revitalize your roads and enhance their structural integrity with RT20 Soil Stabilizer – the key to smoother, safer, and longer-lasting journeys. Take action now and pave the way for a better tomorrow!

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    Why you Should Choose RT20 Polymer Soil Stabilizer?

    • Proven Performance: RT20 Polymer Soil Stabilizer delivers exceptional results by significantly strengthening the road base for enhanced road stability and durability. Engineered to fortify the soil, it ensures a solid and reliable foundation that withstands various environmental challenges.
    • Cost-Efficient: Save on project costs. Reduce maintenance, labor, and materials costs with our long-lasting soil stabilization solution.
    • Eco-Friendly: Embrace sustainability with a product that enhances performance while minimizing your environmental footprint. Helping companies towards their journey to ESG compliance, our solution utilizes water-based nanotechnology and incorporates advanced methods to optimize efficiency, prioritizing environmental responsibility in every aspect.
    • Free Project Supervision On Site: Benefit from our complimentary on-site project supervision, ensuring the correct application and optimal usage of RT20 for your road construction project.

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    Client Testimonials

    Discover the transformative impact of RT20 Polymer Soil Stabilizer through the lens of our satisfied clientele. Delve into firsthand experiences and success stories shared by those who have harnessed the power of our innovative solution in road construction.

    Revolutionizing Road Construction at C5 Extension: Our project featuring RT20 Soil Stabilizer, enhancing a conventional design with 8 inches of asphalt pavement, a 200mm THK base course, and a 200mm THK sub-base course, all built on a rock-solid subgrade (95% compaction rate)

    Kingsway of Asian Corporation

    Certificate of Permanent Product Approval and Accreditation

    Topps Product Phils., Inc. proudly holds a coveted Certificate of Permanent Product Approval and Accreditation by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for our RT20 Polymer Liquid Soil Stabilizer. This accreditation signifies our product’s adherence to DPWH specifications, validating its suitability for integration into various DPWH road infrastructure projects. Recognized for its efficacy and reliability, our RT20 Polymer Liquid Soil Stabilizer stands as a trusted solution, ensuring the construction of durable, resilient, and sustainable roadways across the Philippines.

    Road Construction

    The ideal solution for road construction projects, enhancing soil strength and durability while reducing maintenance costs and extending the life road infrastructure.

    Airport Runways & Airstrips

    For airport runways & airstrips, RT20 ensures reliable soil reinforcement, thereby supporting durable infrastructure and safe transportation systems in various conditions.

    Mining Haul Roads

    RT20 polymer soil stabilizer provides dependable soil stabilization, supporting the longevity of mine sites and access roads, even in challenging

    Farm to Market Roads

    RT20 Polymer Soil Stabilizer is mandated by the Department of Agriculture for farm-to-market roads, offering a reliable solution to cut costs and fortify road infrastructure.

    Agricultural Roads

    In agricultural/all-weather roads, it significantly enhances the load-bearing capacity of fields, farm roads, and parking areas, contributing to improved agricultural output and performance.

    Solar & Wind Farm Roads

    In solar and wind farms, RT20 guarantees solid soil reinforcement, facilitating sturdy infrastructure and reliable renewable energy generation in diverse environmental conditions.

    For over 14 years, Topps Product Phils., Inc. has been a leading provider of soil stabilization solutions in the Philippines. We pride ourselves on offering meticulously tested and evaluated products and systems, verified by qualified engineers and reputable testing agencies.
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